Monday, October 6, 2008


Here's the latest composite picture in my Color People series. Most of the people here are friends of my 16-year-old daughter. They are really nice kids, and when they congregate, they tend to troop in and out restlessly. Especially pleasing to me in this picture is that, in addition to doubling and tripling most of the figures, my subjects include a pair of identical twins.

It's funny. This picture reminds me of what childhood is like. It's interesting to me to note that it's a photo cliche, of course, to represent childhood vision as blurry by way of a pinhole or plastic camera images. I guess I'm a little susceptible to the cliche, because it's the shiny streets and the blurring here that remind me of how I saw. But also how most things blended together except what was important, for example, my mother. Everything else seemed like a confusing swirl.

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