Monday, March 2, 2009

Squirrels and the Baroque

I've been planning this picture for a while. I don't really like squirrels, so I wasn't sure when they were most active, although I thought it was spring. That turned out to be right, so I did this picture last week in the Boston Public Garden, which is right near my work. I brought out some crackers to lure them into the frame, but otherwise they took stage direction poorly. (I would have liked some squirrels smack in the middle of the trunk.) I find this picture fairly creepy, which I like: as if nature is conspiring in plain sight. Formally, it kind of looks like a Gaudi building or Baroque sculpture, which I also find pleasantly creepy, as if the figures are frantically trying to wrench free of the marble. Coming later this spring: a pigeon picture.

Bernini's Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi


Paul Light said...

I like this. I like the images in this series best where you use this technique and it doesn't look real because you know it can't happen, but somehow does look real because of how you constructed it technically.

pelacus said...

Thanks, Paul. I've had people pick on me because some of my pictures don't look real. But I almost always like to leave in something that looks impossible. What would be the point, otherwise?