Saturday, May 9, 2009

Swan Boats

One of my main artistic goals is to avoid cliche, but lately what draws me to the things I photograph is their cliche value. I really like going to these over-photographed tourist spots--the Boston Public Garden, Copley Square, etc. My reasoning: I should go out and attack gives me the creeps head-on. I don't want to be fear tulips, ducks, foliage, children and the beautiful Boston Public Garden anymore. However, the woman (above) carrying the small canvas, in my opinion, is shirking her duty regarding the cliche. And I love her for it.

The picture above is of the Public Garden last Thursday and is a composite of just over a hundred different exposures taken over about 35 minutes during my lunch break. (Click image to get a little more bigness.)

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Chris said...

Hi Pelle. If you're going for cliche, how about doing a composite of tourists with cameras?