Saturday, January 8, 2011

Absractor No. 2

An array of boxes filled with curved shapes. All in black. --Chris

In an earlier posting, I asked put out a general call to all readers to describe an abstraction as concretely as possible. Chris supplied the words in the caption above a few days ago and I did the picture this morning. (Click image to enlarge.)

Send me your description and I'll do a picture for it! See here for more information. Also, feel free to break the rules. All I need is some kind of idea to photograph.


Chris said...

Thanks Pelle! I was describing 'Sky Covenant' by Louise Nevelson. I knew it was in the area, but was surprised when I drove by it on the Jamaicaway a few weeks ago.

Some pictures are here (scroll down a bit):

pelacus said...

Thanks,Chris. I was pretty sure it was Nevelson. I struggled with it, since I knew it was sculptural and I didn't want to come too close to it. But I'm getting interested in this project!