Monday, February 28, 2011

Fruit Is Good for You

Here are some new pictures from a series I'm starting (click on image to enlarge). I thought of calling it Rational Fruit, but changed my mind. I bring this up because it gives you an idea of what I am thinking about these pictures. They take a lot of work, but I've got another five or six going now. They might take a few weeks because I have to let them sit or redo them if they are not quite right. God, I have a lot of patience, but only when something seems really worth doing and exciting. Otherwise, I get bored easily. I am looking forward to spring and getting outside to take pictures.


Petesie said...

These are cool.

I suppose for the sake of a good argument you'll hold that these (manipulated) images are no more distant from 'reality' than the pictures the ones over the display at the market that identify my Gala apple for me. That my (real) Gala apple is not actually perfectly flat.

You're probably right.

pelacus said...

Yes, Petesie, I've been trying to develop an argument along the lines you've noted, although maybe you've exaggerated what I might have said. However, some photographer whose blog I read somewhere observed that all photographic data is closer to reality than any drawing or painting. So I've been trying to work up an argument armed thusly.

Petesie said...

Sure: painting;drawing.

(Me? Exaggerate? Just for the sake of an argument?)

But is it closer to reality that what I see when I look at an apple?