Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Taking Pictures Then and Now

Boston Public Garden, Tulips, 2013
About five years ago, I did a similar picture to this one I just finished. The gestures people use to take pictures have changed quite a bit. In the older one, which was taken just a few yards from this one, you can still see people taking pictures in the standard twentieth-century manner, by holding the camera up to the eye. Others are using cell phones and digital cameras in the now-familiar modified praying mantis pose. The old camera-to-the-eye gesture was kind of dynamic. You could turn a little sideways and flex your knees and you'd look like a rifleman. Of course, picture-taking is a bit different, now, too. Here's the older picture, below.
Boston Public Garde, 2008
This second picture is one of the first I did in the Selected People series. It represents about twenty minutes and 80 exposures. The tulip one took about an hour to photograph, with about 300 exposures.


Senna T. said...

Your photo's are great. I really like the selected people photographs.

pelacus said...

Thanks, Senna! I appreciate your note. Pelle