Friday, February 7, 2014

Recent Publicity and Writing

A lot of articles and publications about my work over the last six months. I thought I'd compile a list of links here.

Selected People
Wired Interesting article
The Washington Post An interview with yours truly
The Boston Globe A think piece
The Creators Project -- Vice My rules for great trick photography--and a video
Booooooom A nice art publication
The Fence at Photoville An outdoor exhibition in Brooklyn
Imaging Resource An interview with me again
PetaPixel A nice article about my work
SLRLounge Another interview
Daily Mail Some loopy writing in a tabloid!
Feature Shoot An article about my work
Reframing Photography This web site is a resource for an excellent photo textbook
Gizmodo A huge circulation publication
PictureCorrect Some opinions

Laughing Squid
Acclaim Magazine

My writing about other photographers
Deborah Bay, Martin Klimas, Sarah Pickering, Clay Lipsky in Vice Media's The Creators Project: "Show of Force: Four Photographers Who Turned Explosions into Art"
Roberta Nedigh in Feature Shoot: "Clever photos document property lines in suburban landscape design"
Caleb Cole in Feature Shoot: "Photographer transforms found dolls into strange self-portraits"
Kate Joyce in Feature Shoot: "Photographer captures offbeat moments in everyday wanderings"
Diane Meyer in Feature Shoot: "Photographer uses embroider to "pixelate" family snapshots"
June Yong Lee in Feature Shoot: "Striking photos of the human torso stretched out like canvas"

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